About the Book

"The Hippity Dippity Witch" is for the seven to ten age group. It has lots of delightful characters including Louis Noodle the grumpy old owl, Elsa the graceful deer, Cindy the squirrel, Henrietta the spider and many others. The story follows Jenny an eight year old girl who runs away from school to avoid a spelling test that she has been dreading and escapes to Willow Grove an enchanted land to meet her friends. She is shocked by what she sees when she arrives there. The place is in total devastation. Her friends Elsa and Cindy tell her about this witch called Marigold who has come to live with her aunt Griselda for the summer. Marigold is a ten year old witch who deceives her aunt into thinking she has passed her exams in the academy of magic and as a result causes mayhem everywhere she goes. When things don't go her way everybody in Willow Grove suffers. Jenny and Marigolds' paths collide, there is a twist in the story and surprises in store for both of them.

Meet Treebeard the talking tree, Honey and Percy toad and don't forget the talking broomstick, not to mention Hector the tortoise and Amelia the grumpy witch. These delightful characters will keep you entertained. A joy for all the family.