Watch out Bobby

‘Get out of here, get out, get out,’ quacked three white ducks flapping their wings at him indignantly. Behind them, tucked away in the corner, sat a female guarding her two ducklings in a square crate.

‘Please,’ he begged desperately, ‘that man is coming to get me.’

‘Not our problem,’ quacked the ducks shaking their heads, ‘now shoo, get out.’ 
Bobby stared them boldly in the eye and said, 'No I won't.'

Suddenly, one of the ducks, the largest of the other three, rushed towards him and sank his beak into the puppy's flesh right below his head. The little dog gave a howl of pain and burst across the field straight into farmer Joe's path. Joe grabbed the pup and brought him over to where a number of sheep stood waiting with bored expressions on their faces.